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“Make everything you do in life, art”

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All About Lilly Aster Art

I have always loved to paint. My paintings turned out beautifully and aesthetically pleasing and yet, to me, they always felt like they lacked soul. 
Then I began to pole dance.  
I found that every single time I danced, everything that was in me poured out of my body in my movements. My joy, my sadness, my strengths, my insecurities, my hopes, my fears, my playfulness, my darkness... in dancing I found a way to express my deep inner truths. That was when I decided to combine my two favourite forms of artistic expression into my work. I dance while I paint, and I paint while I dance. My truth pours out of me in my movements and is captured on my canvasses. Each piece of art that I create is a soulful journey which is pure release. Creating my art is where I feel the most “me”... it’s where I can express my deepest truths without the need to find the words. I can feel the strength and beauty of my feminine being radiating out into the world and I feel like I’m bursting with light. 
My art is for those of you who cherish and seek out the empowered feminine. It is meant to show my light to the world. I hope to inspire others to live in their light and proudly express their deepest, most authentic selves.

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